Billboard Blues

A mysterious culprit who has recently been splashing paint on street art and graffiti also attacked a billboard featuring images by an artist known as Neck Face.

Neck Face at his best in NYC circa 2007.
We are excited about our upcoming Neck Face Show this August 23rd

#melkadel tomorrow night opening

#melkadel tomorrow night opening

                        Retna’s strong installation we love

#cleonpeterson.  New work at gallery

#cleonpeterson. New work at gallery

            Cleon Peterson’s Mural walls.

Natural Balance opens this Saturday 6-9PM

Opening Reception

Saturday, July 12th, 2014, 6pm – 9pm
7920 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
323 654 2192

New Image Art is pleased to present its forthcoming exhibition entitled Natural Balance featuring the work of Lucien Shapiro, P-Jay Fidler, Jason Redwood, Mel Kadel, Travis Millard, and Gosha Levochkin. Focusing on organic themes of mortality, alternative existence, and outward growth, Natural Balance is an exploration within painting and object making that embraces fantasy-like depictions of cultural ephemera and figurative references that engage viewers by way of thoughtful inherent reaction. With an imbued lineage stemming from both the surrealist and symbolist art movements, much of the work in Natural Balance embraces similar concepts of metaphorical truth and disheveled reality.

About the Artists

Lucien Shapiro’s work, composed of elaborately constructed masks and ornately armored weaponry, examines a relationship between modern waste and memories of ancient cultural artifacts. Practices and customs from the past are brought back to light through Shapiro’s revival of discarded materials, transformed into objects analogous with self- protection. Behind masks and armor, we’re enabled with the power to separate and shield ourselves from reality, creating new identities through a deliberate opposition of our true selves.

P-Jay Fidler’s work takes the familiar and seeks to re-contextualize it to create non linear narratives. What results is a conversation about the impermanent and circular nature of life, the ultimate death that confronts every person and the physical, tangible ephemera that we create in our wake. Dealing with creation, existence, absence, and transformation his imagery ranges from the surreal to the ambiguous. Born in a small farming community in central California, Fidler left to attend and graduate from the Art Center College of Design and now works and lives in Los Angeles.

Jason Redwood, southern California based artist, extracts from personal past references to intertwine with contemporary undercurrents of pop culture. Other worldly images meld with icons grounded in human nature.

Mel Kadel’s work is a colorful blending of something from the past, and bits of the future. It’s as if an old pattern you’d see on grandma’s pillowcase was sent through a psychedelic blender. Within the patterns and layers, you’ll find stories of nature, interconnectedness, strength, and solitude. Kadel is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Travis Millard is a Los Angeles based artist known for drawings on paper. His work explores a variety of themes including waking dream states, funny ultra violence, and other oddities of the imaginative landscape.

Gosha Levochkin is a Los Angeles based painter who paints with a surreal, chaotic, detail-driven style. Growing up in Russia, Gosha spent a great deal of his time drawing and immediately identified with LA’s contemporary art scene. In his latest series, Gosha uses guache and watercolor to portray the raw, beautiful, yet polluted aspects of nature. His technique typically combines fine line work with unique characters, and is constantly evolving while maintaining a distinct look.


#p-jay fiddler in our next show

#p-jay fiddler in our next show

#jasonredwood in our next show

#jasonredwood in our next show

@theotherfudge  in our next show opening July 12

@theotherfudge in our next show opening July 12

#cleonpeterson.  New work

#cleonpeterson. New work

New #cleon Peterson black on black

New #cleon Peterson black on black